Surfworx Hellcat Mini Mal 8ft 0 Soft Surfboard - Mid Blue



The Surfworx Hellcat Mini Mal 8ft 0 in Navy is a soft surfboard that is perfectly designed and constructed to get you up and riding on your very first surf session.

It's constructed with a high-density closed-cell foam core, which means the boards are nice and lightweight. The foam surfboard has twin resin-coated wooden stringers, which help the board maintain its shape and perform on the wave.

The high-density HDPE slick bottom is nice and durable, helps the board paddle quickly, and gives a smooth ride. The high-density deck skin is very durable and will keep the Hellcat Mini Mal performing for years to come.

All the key features are in place: a nice wide and forgiving outline with a soft padded deck to soften those inevitable knocks. The Hellcat Mini Mal is constructed with a soft and forgiving foam deck and comes with a leash and a set of rubber safety fins.

The Surfworx Hellcat 8ft 0 Mini Mal comes with a three-fin thruster setup, which gives great control and a nice, stable, and predictable ride.

This brilliant mini mal is a tried and tested shape that has proven to be the perfect platform and design to kick-off your surfing adventure.


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Hellcat 8ft 0 Mini Mal - Key Benefits & Features: 

  • Product Name: The Surfworx Hellcat Mini Mal 8ft 0 Soft Surfboard
  • Size: 8ft 0
  • Colour: Mid Blue
  • Volume: 86 litres approx - Perfect for beginner
  • Rider: Up to 105kg - Ideal for teen or adult
  • Conditions: Knee to head high waves
  • Construction: Closed cell foam core
  • Dimensions: 8'0" 22 7/16" 3 1/4
  • Stringers: 2 x Wood
  • Slick: HDPE
  • Deck: HD EBS
+ Comes with leash and 3 x rubber safety fins included