We are firstly and fore mostly driven by a love affair with the ocean. Situated on the beautiful rugged north coastline of Cornwall in the little surfing town of Newquay. 

 All Sunset apparel is in house designed, sourced and locally printed. With organic and ethically sourced products at the forefront of where we are going. Our brand is about good quality ethically made Fair trade clothing. Inspired by our little beach town lifestyle and other surf towns around the globe. We don’t believe in throw away fashion, we want our products to be comfortable and relaxed and relevant for years to come. 

This year we, as many have branched out not just from surfing to wild swimming and have been exploring this beautiful coast line and enjoying the benefits of cold water swimming. 

We want to see a shift to slow living and people using nature and the ocean as there play ground~ solitude. It’s been a huge shift this year for people’s mental health and lifestyle choices. We want to be a part of that shift after all we are all just made of Water.