Sex Wax 'Camo' Tee - Black



The Sex Wax 'Camo' Tee in Black features an iconic Sex Wax logo that’s styled over a camouflage pattern. No one will see you coming.

This Sex Wax tee comes in a loose fit and is very light on the skin thanks to its 100% cotton construction. The ‘Camo’ tee allows for breathability and ensures the best possible comfort for every coastal adventure.

'Camo' T-Shirt - Key Features:

  • Product Name: The Sex Wax 'Camo' Tee
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Fabric: Premium, heavyweight & soft
  • Fit: Loose for comfort
  • Graphic: Classic Sex Wax logo
  • Style: Camo