C-Skins C-Kid Baby Steamer Wetsuit - Cyan, Green & Aurora Yellow




The C-Skins C-Kid Baby Steamer Wetsuit in Cyan is perfect for keeping your frothing little kids warm and protected at the beach.

Featuring 100% Xtend neoprene which protects from UV rays, this toddlers wetsuit gives great warmth and allows for maximum range of movement due to its incredible flexibility. 

All this combines to make the C-Skins Baby Steamer the perfect wetsuit for your little one.


C-Skins Baby Wetsuit - Key Benefits & Features:

  • Product Name: The C-Skins C-Kid Baby Steamer WetsuitC-Skins Wetsuits | Sunset Surf Shop
  • Colour: Cyan, Green & Aurora Yellow
  • Neoprene: 100% Xtend - Flexible, Lightweight & Super Stretchy
  • Seams: Breathable Flatlock - Perfect for Summer Conditions
  • Brand: C-Skins Wetsuits
  • Made For: Toddlers
  • Zip: Front Entry - For Easy On and Off
  • Style: Low collar - For Great Comfort