Apex AX-S Bodyboard - 44” Inch



The Apex AX-S Bodyboard in 44 inch is based around the AX02 template with the added benefit of a carbon fibre stringer for extra stiffness and unbeatable durability.

This Apex AX-S bodyboard features 60/40 rails and channels for drive and hold. It is constructed with an IXL cross-link deck and rails for stiffness, a HC55 high compression core, and a durable HDPE bottom skin with mesh for greater strength. While the versatile clipped crescent tail on the AX-S provides excellent control for all styles of riding 

The AX-S bodyboard can handle any wave you go for with ease and will definitely push your bodyboarding to the next level.


Apex AX-S Bodyboard - Key Benefits & Features:Apex Bodyboards | Sunset Surf Shop

  • Product Name: The Apex  AX-S Bodyboard
  • Size: 44" Inch
  • Rider: Between 175cm to 195cm and 80kg to 135kg
  • Core: HC55 High Compression core - That's buoyant and durable
  • Deck: IXL Cross Link Deck Skin
  • Slick: HDPE with Channels - For speed and control
  • Rails: 60/40 - For better drive and hold
  • Tail: Crescent - For 'bite' and release in the turn.

+ Comes with leash and plug fitted.