Apex AX04 Bodyboard - 44" Inch



The Apex AX04 bodyboard in 44" Inch is a level above; it’s one of the best bodyboards in the intermediate and advanced category.

The AX04 features a highly-durable Velocity core made from polypropylene blended with EPS plus an extra layer of high-density foam to add even more strength. This bodyboard is one of the strongest in its price range and offers unbeatable buoyancy for its size.

Apex Bodyboards are designed, developed, and built by some of the world's best board manufacturers. They offer a wide range that caters to all levels, from the weekend warrior to the team rider.

The AX04 has incredible amounts of spring and recoil, which is the magic ingredient that really makes a board move. The performance is so great that even the five-time British champion has taken one for himself!


Apex AX04 Bodyboard - Key Benefits & Features:Apex Bodyboards | Sunset Surf Shop

  • Product Name: The Apex AX04 Bodyboard
  • Size: 44" Inch
  • Rider: Between 175cm to 195cm and 80kg to 135kg
  • Core: Velocity Core - That's super strong and bouyant
  • Deck: PE Cross Link Deck Skin
  • Slick: HDPE with graduated channels - For speed and control
  • Rails: 50/50 - For better drive
  • Tail: Crescent - For 'bite' and release in the turn.