Softech Roller 6’6" Surfboard - Smoke Green



The Softech Roller 6’6" Surfboard is hand shaped with a generous outline and loads of volume. These boards are designed specifically so learners can easily paddle onto waves and jump to their feet.

This soft surfboard has a large surface area, and the abundance of foam creates a very stable platform for surfers of all ages to confidently ride waves and learn the basics skills of surfing. The Softech Roller 6’6" Surfboard is an excellent choice for beginners through to the most experienced.

Coming with a carry handle, making it easier getting to the surf. Plus a set of tri Softflex Fins, a screw in fin system specifically designed for Softech Original Series boards. 


  • Size: 6'6"
  • Dimensions: 6'6" x 22 1/4" x 3"
  • Core: 100% Waterproof EPS Foam Core 
  • Stringer: Double stringer 
  • Fin Setup: Tri (x3 ST Fin Setup) 
  • Fin System: ST
  • Volume: 6'6": 61L
+ Built-in carry handle
+ Leash Plug installed
+ Softflex Fins included


Softech Surfboards are the ultimate in fun and performance, and the Softech Roller 6’6" Surfboard is no exception.

With soft surfboards that are handmade using highly durable materials, and constructed using proven manufacturing techniques. Softech surfboards suit the beginner through to the most experienced rider.

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