Softech Bomber FCS II 6ft 4 Soft Surfboard - Grey & Dusty Red



The Softech Bomber FCS II 6ft 4 Soft Surfboard in Grey and Dusty Red features a tapered tail, plus a longboard style that’s been tuned into a mid-length shape. The Softech Bomber is the ultimate cruiser surfboard, that will flow down the line and allow you to turn at ease.

This Softech Bomber soft surfboard can handle all conditions and really comes into its own in the smaller surf due to it's wide template. It’s an excellent choice for intermediate surfers who want the benefits of a surfing a shortboard, while still reaping the rewarding fun and easy care of a longer and softer board.

This soft surfboard has so plenty of area at the front, meaning the Softech Bomber paddles incredibly well. Gliding with ease, yet still slicing nice carves at the tail.

Softech are the original softboard specialists, and the Bomber is built to last. Including a double-stringer foam blank that’s made of X-Density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), its 100% waterproof and won’t be letting in water. The Softech Bomber keeps on surfing like it's brand new.

Likewise the slick bottom panel, made of high-density polyethylene, keeps weight and bulk to a minimum and makes this surfboard as quick and nimble as possible.

The Softech Bomber features an FCS II system, which is super easy to utilise, plus swap in and out. So you can easily choose your perfect fins based on the wave conditions. Simply insert the front of the fin into the plug and use downward pressure to lock the fin in place. Giving a fresh feel to the board, depending on how you want to surf.


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Softech Bomber 6ft 4 Surfboard - Key Benefits & Features:

  • Product Name: The Softech Bomber FCS II Soft Surfboard
  • Size: 6ft 4
  • Colour: Grey & Dusty Red
  • Volume: 56 Litres - Perfect for Progressing & Intermediate Surfers
  • Rider: Up to 95kg - Ideal for Teen or Adult
  • Conditions: Knee to Shoulder High Waves
  • Dimensions: 6'4" x 21 x 3
  • Core: 100% Waterproof X-Density EPS Foam Core 
  • Stringer: Double Stringer 
  • Fin Setup: Tri (x3 FCS II Fin Setup) 
  • Fin System: FCS II 
+ Leash Plug Installed
+ 3 x FCS II Softflex Fins Included