Science Pipe Stringer Bodyboard - 44"



Catch more waves on the Science Pipe Stringer Bodyboard. Coming in 44" inch, this performance shaped bodyboard has a stringer and is therefore much stronger. A perfect board for beginners or Intermediates. This is a high quality product and designed by the worlds best bodyboarder and 3x world champion Mike Stewart.

Accelerate at will with the Pipe Stringer Bodyboard, the pocket smoothly transitions from rail to rail and effortlessly links moves together. The highly maneuverable yet super controllable bodyboard shape, allows optimal performance in the critical energy zone or the pocket of the wave. The polyethylene core is perfect for cold to cool waters and provides exceptional comfort and control.

With heat welded seams that fuse together tough skins creating a very durable board. This performance bodyboard is extremely strong, and will last twice as long as your average board. If you are looking for a top end bodyboard at an affordable price, then the Pipe Stringer is the perfect choice. 

Science Pipe Bodyboard - Key Benefits & Features:

  • Product Name: The Science Pipe Stringer Bodyboard
  • Size: 44" Inch
  • Rider: Between 175cm to 195cm and 80kg to 135kg
  • Core: PE - Provides Exceptional Comfort
  • Slick: HDPE Slick Bottom - For Speed and Control
  • Channels: Graduated
  • Tail: Crescent - For Optimal Performance
  • Stringer: One Stringer - For Extra Strength
+ We can fit the plug, if you'd like us too. Simply request it after ordering