Pickle Surf Wax Remover



The Pickle Surf Wax Remover is the perfect tool for removing wax from your surfboard. Made form 100% recycled ingredients and made without any harsh chemicals.

Simply remove excess wax with the enclosed comb then rub the pickle over your board to remove the rest and restore it to its original wax free shine.

The Pickle Surf Wax Remover is the fastest, easiest, and best way to remove unwanted wax from your surfboard. Perfect for renewing and refreshing you wax, cleaning up before a ding repair, applying a traction pad or before selling your board on.


  • 100% recycled ingredients
  • Easily remove or rough up surfboard wax
  • Includes wax comb


The Pickle is a must have eco surf wax remover, a surf essential for when you need to clean down wax build up and start a fresh. 

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