HOAX - AX04 Bodyboard 44”



Leash - No

Core - Velocity Core

Deck - PE Cross Link Deck Skin

Slick - HDPE with graduated channels

Rails - 50/50

Tail Shape - Crescent 

Channels - Yes

Stringer - No

The Hoax AX04 bodyboard is one of the very best bodyboards in its class. Not only is it one of the strongest it is also one of the most buoyant for its size. The Hoax AX04 has been designed by the worlds best board manufactures to create possibly the best bodyboard.
The board features a polypro/eps blended core that also has an extra layer of higher density foam to add strength making it a lot stronger than many other bodyboards. The board has incredible amounts of spring and recoil which is the magic ingredient that really makes a board move. Performance is great, So good that even the 5 times British champion has taken one for himself!