Gorilla Skinny Three Mid Deck Pad - Cloud

Gorilla Skinny Three Mid Deck Pad - Cloud



The Gorilla Skinny Three Mid Deck Pad in Cloud is ideal for any style of surfboard. This slim and skinny grip pad provides the ultimate sensitivity and control.

Made from 2mm EVA pad with a sanded finish to give great grip. Gorilla use high quality EVA foam to make their tail pads super lightweight. The industrial grade adhesive used ensures Gorilla pads stay stuck to your board. The Gorilla Skinny Three Mid Deck Pad is thinner and lighter, perfect for the surfers wanting high performance.

  • 3 pieces of 2mm thick EVA.
  • Each piece is 13x43cm approx, so you get enough to cover most of the front foot area of a shortboard or fish.
  • Sanded EVA for that soft brushed feel. 
  • Cut-outs so it lays down without air bubbles.
  • 3M industrial strength adhesive - 3M are at the forefront of adhesive technology & this formula, developed for EVA offers maximum, long lasting adherence for your tail pad.
  • Super lightweight