Fourth Surfboards - Chilli Bean - F1X Construction



The Chilli Bean is built for any surfer who understands that if you're not afraid of slightly more foam you can go shorter than you'd imagined possible. For 2018, Fourth have taken some foam off the rail to add an element of ease to turning the board as well as carbon support through the engaged part of the board when surfing down the line, freeing some flex up in the tail to give a bit more torque through your turns.

The Chilli Bean is designed to absolutely maximise the fun to be had in average, everyday surf by catching almost as many waves as a longboard, gliding over the flat sections whilst being super responsive underfoot. The curvaceous outline, rounded tail and more relaxed rocker means that the board is designed to cruise, carve. When set-up as a quad the Chilli Bean will fly down the line with just a little encouragement.

In terms of design, this board is essentially a reload for intermediate surfers or surfers of a bigger build. With single to double concaves, relaxed entry and exit rockers and foam distributed to give the best balance between float and control it is ideal as a first shortboard or intermediate all-rounder.

F1X Construction

Force 1X

Lightweight, strong, dent proof all with a natural flex pattern to ensure performance in a wide range of conditions. When you have a board that is very strong in terms of impact resistance usually you have a board with stiff flex patterns which will feel chattery on the face of a wave and be hard to control, especially at higher speeds. The FX1 construction method rivals the compression strength of sandwich construction epoxy alternatives but adds a better natural flex pattern to allow for ease of use in a wider range of conditions.

The FX1 boards are 10% lighter than standard construction surfboards, 20% stronger in tensile strength and around 50% stronger in compression strength all with a flex pattern that doesn’t feel like you are riding a rigid epoxy pop out.

The main core of the surfboard is super fused EPS foam, then it's cut in half and inserted with a PU foam central flex dampener which gives you a core that has liveliness to it and loads of flexy spring. This is then wrapped in two layers of glass on the bottom of the board using a unique tiered lap which gives you unreal flex recoil and a tensile strength 20% stronger than a standard 4oz cloth. On the deck is a sandwich laminate of 4oz and innegra cloths to form a layer over the deck of the surfboard which gives you a compression strength completely unrivalled from any other hand glassed surf board on the market.

The board is laminated with epoxy resin with a bio content of 48%, and finished with a 240 grit dry sand finish to ensure it has optimum strength to weight ratios. All in all you get a construction that is strong, light, will perform in a large range of conditions and feel new forever with an added bonus of being an eco-friendlier option compared to a standard construction surfboard.

Custom Orders

Custom orders allow you to change anything you wish from a resin tint or different fin system to custom art work. If you wish to place a custom order with us please contact us on 01637 877 624 or email us at

Height Width Thickness Volume (Ltr)
5'10 20 7/8 2 9/16 34.3 
6'0 21 1/8 2 5/8 36.9
6'3 21 1/2 2 3/4 40.5
6'6 22 2 13/16 44.7
6'9 22 3/8 2 7/8 48.1
7'0 22 3/4 3 52.2