FCS Longboard Calf Essential 9ft Surfboard Leash - Blue



The FCS Longboard Calf Essential 9ft Surfboard Leash in Blue is perfect for day-to day reliability and performance in a wide range of surf conditions.

Featuring a 7mm cord, this FCS surfboard leash is ideal for waves between 2ft and 8ft. Including an interchangeable smooth rotating nylon cuff and rail saver swivel assembly. This is the perfect leash for longboards.

Made from engineered polyurethane cord with machine stainless steel swivels. This FCS Essential Leash features a wider design for the calf and helps to keep tangling to minimum when you're walking up and down your longboard.

The FCS Calf Essential Leash has been streamlined into a super light, durable and comfortable longboard leash. Built to handle all waves you throw at it.


FCS Longboard Calf Leash - Key Benefits & Features: FCS Surfboard Leash | Sunset Surf Shop

  • Product Name: The FCS Longboard Calf Essential 9ft Surfboard Leash
  • Size: 9ft
  • Colour: Blue
  • For Longboards: Up to 9ft 6
  • Conditions: 2 - 8 ft Waves
  • Cord Thickness: 7mm
  • Cord: Engineered Polyurethane
  • Strap: Deluxe Padded - Wider Design for Perfect Fit on the Calf
  • Cuff: Interchangeable Smooth Rotating Nylon, with Rail Saver Swivel Assembly
  • In-Cuff: Silicone Grip - Prevents Calf Twisting
  • Swivels: Machine Stainless Steel
  • Pull Tab: Hypalon - For Ease of Release
  • Velcro: Moulded - For Extra Strength 
  • Overmould: Extended - Reduces Tangles
  • Horn: Contoured - Conforms to Shape of Calf