FCS II Kelia Moniz PG 9.5 Fin

FCS II Kelia Moniz PG 9.5 Fin



The FCS II Kelia Moniz 9.75 inch fin is perfect for your longboard surfboard to maximise performance and fun.

The Kelia longboard fin features a classic template, perfect for cruising, driving off the bottom and drawn out arching turns. There is a big nod to George Greenough in this fin template, a classic truly well-balanced fin for that is excellent for cruising and all round longboard surfing. This fin is suited to most longboard shapes. The Kelia Moniz fin is a great fin that helps put a smile on your face by maximising your surf time enjoyment.

The fin construction is Performance Glass (PG) which has an almost identical flex pattern to traditional fibreglass fins, with a stiff base and a responsive tip flex.

PLEASE NOTE: This FCS II Connect Longboard Fin is designed to be used in existing Longboard boxes. No new box required.