FCS II Christenson PG 9.5 Fin

FCS II Christenson PG 9.5 Fin



The FCS II Christenson PG 9.5 inch fin is perfect for your longboard surfboard to maximise performance and fun.

The Chris Fin in Performance Glass Construction is the perfect fin for some walled up, open face mid length carving but thankfully it works well in our average conditions too. This fin has a good balance of drive and hold and then release, the pulled in tip allows your board to pivot and execute tight turns. It also holds well through your bottom turn without slipping. The Christenson fin is brilliant in bumpy conditions especially in bigger sizes for logs and traditional single fins.

Construction: Performance Glass - (PG) which has an almost identical flex pattern to traditional fibreglass fins, with a stiff base and a responsive tip flex.

PLEASE NOTE: This FCS II Connect Longboard Fin is designed to be used in existing Longboard boxes. No new box required.