C-Skins Baby Shorti Wetsuit - Cyan, Navy & Lime



The C-Skins Baby Shorti Wetsuit in Cyan, Navy and Lime is part of the C-Kid wetsuit range and is perfect for keeping your frothing little kids warm and protected at the beach.

The C-Skins Baby Shorti Wetsuit features 100% Xtend neoprene which protects from UV rays, gives great warmth and allows for maximum range of movement due to its incredible flexibility.

  • 100% Xtend neoprene
  • Breathable Flatlock seams
  • Front zip entry
  • Low collar


C-Skins | Sunset Surf Newquay

C-Skins ethos combines passion with innovation; the C-Skins Baby Shorti Wetsuit and all their products are crafted from cutting-edge technology and relentless creativity.

C-Skins are constantly pushing the limits of wetsuit design and materials so that you can push your own limits in the water. When you're wearing C-Skins you know that you've got 45 years of commitment out there with you. 
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