ABC Gambler 7'6" Mini Mal - Yellow/ Blue

ABC Gambler 7'6" Mini Mal - Yellow/ Blue



The ABC Gambler 7'6" Mini Mal in Yellow & Blue is a perfectly formed surfboard, with all the tools to take your surfing to the next level and beyond. This proven shape has been around for years with very good reason; it's designed to be stable, easy paddling.

These beautifully made boards will appeal to a wide range of surfers; beginners and improving surfers love the look and will benefit from the forgiving shape, while the more experienced surfers on a budget will be attracted by a PU/Fibreglass surfboard with an accessible price tag.

The ABC Gambler 7'6" Mini Mal will perform in waves from knee-high to a little overhead, coming into its own in the thigh to head-high region. This is a great board for crowded and congested line-ups where it can be difficult to snaffle a wave, it paddles beautifully, catches waves early and once up and riding, trims like a longboard and turns like a much smaller board thanks to the three fin setup.


7'6" x 21 3/4" x 3" 

ABC Surfboards are constructed using high-quality foam blanks with a wooden stringer and are glassed with 6oz/4oz Vivaro cloth.

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