ABC Big Bird 7’0” Mid-Length - Light/ Dark Grey

ABC Big Bird 7’0” Mid-Length - Light/ Dark Grey


The ABC Big Bird 7'0" Mid-Length is a brilliant all-rounder that'll suit a broad spectrum of abilities and sizes of surfer. Big Bird has been designed to catch waves easily and offer the rider a stable platform to hone their skills.

A proven template with a longboard nose and fuller tail but with 2 to 3 feet chopped out of the middle. The full tail allows the ABC Big Bird 7'0" Mid-Length to change direction smoothly, the wide nose allows the board to paddle easily and catch waves much earlier than boards of a similar length. The rocker is relatively flat with a flip in thenose to prevent pearling on late take-offs.

This wide and fairly short surfboard planes with ease over flat sections thanks to the concave bottom and makes the most of less than perfect conditions.


7'0" x 21 1/2" x 2 3/4" ~ Single Concave ~ 53 LTRS

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