Gyroll Bicep Bodyboard Leash - White

Gyroll Bicep Bodyboard Leash - White



The Gyroll Bicep Bodyboard Leash, coming in White, is the original, most compact and functional arm leash on the market. From the undisputed king of bodyboarding; Mike Stewart, comes the Gyroll bicep bodyboard leash. This leash offers an exceptional level of comfort paired with all the durability and functionality you could need. One of the most popular leashes on the market.

No more guessing which size leash to buy. The Gyroll Variable Strap fits arm sizes (measured at the spot you wear your bicep leash) between 9" and 15" in circumference. Mike Stewart obviously spent a lot of time thinking about how to design a great leash when he came up with this product. The pioneering Gyroll leash strap design is a streamline combination of comfort strength and function.

Constructed from the finest parts and materials, the Gyroll leash is made of solid one-piece material. The unique compact spiral design keeps the Gyroll totally out of the way while riding and paddling. You won't know it's there.


The Gyroll Bicep Bodyboard Leash is designed by Mike Stewart and his elite team of riders at Science Bodyboards.

After years of testing boards and many different combinations of shapes and materials, Gyroll arrived at the best boards and accessories for bodyboarding.